What are Instant Deposits?

Instant Deposits allow you to get invested in Titan within hours (or even minutes) of initiating a transfer to Titan. 

This means no more waiting the standard ~2-4 business day period for your deposits to reach Titan before they get invested.

To make an Instant Deposit, simply initiate a transfer to Titan, making sure to toggle on the "Instant Deposit" switch on the deposit entry page.

How do I gain access to Instant Deposits?

We currently are offering access to Instant Deposits to all Titan clients in good standing, free of charge.

Note that Instant Deposits may be disabled on your account at any time, for any reason.  Accounts that incur negative balances or ACH returned transfer fees may have Instant Deposits disabled, for instance.  

How soon are Instant Deposits executed?

We aim to have all Instant Deposit invested within 2-3 market hours of transfer initiation at most.  Depending on execution timing, some Instant Deposits may be executed within minutes of transfer initiation.

Instant Deposits initiated outside of market hours or within the last ~60-90 minutes of the trading day may be invested at the beginning of the next trading day.

Specific timing estimates provided in the app are illustrative and for reference purposes only; actual time of investment may vary.

How can I track the status of my Instant Deposit?

To track the status of your Instant Deposit, simply head to the Account tab > History.

Your deposit status will also be trackable on the Home tab until it has completed processing.

How can I cancel an Instant Deposit?

To cancel an Instant Deposit, simply select the deposit in your transfer history (Account tab > History) and tap "Cancel Investment."

Note that because of the pace of Instant Deposit trade executions, not all Instant Deposits may be cancellable.  Once an Instant Deposit is invested into your portfolio, it will no longer be cancellable in your transfer history.

Can I set a recurring Instant Deposit?

Yes! If you set a recurring deposit and also activate Instant Deposits, your first transfer will behave like a standard Instant Deposit. If you would like future instances of your recurring deposit to be executed same-day, please create your recurring deposit prior to 11am ET. While we aim to process all recurring Instant Deposits as close to transfer initiation as possible, actual time of investment may vary.

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