1.) I am no longer a Titan client - how can I access my tax documents?

  • If you are no longer a Titan client, you can still access your tax documents via our web portal (under "Documents").

2.) I received an email about my tax documents being ready but am unable to login to the provided link.

  • Our financial custodian, Apex Clearing, sends automatic emails about tax document availability from
  • This email will contain a link to their website, not Titan's.  Your Titan login credentials won't work there.  For instructions on how to download your tax documents, please see this article.

3.) I don't see any tax documents in my account.

  • If you don't see any tax documents in your account, it's possible your account was opened towards the end or after the 2019 tax year and as a result did not experience any liquidity events that would require a tax filing for that tax year.

4.) Some transactions in my 1099 are missing a transaction date. 

  • While Titan is not licensed or authorized to provide tax advice, our financial custodian has let us know that for those entries, the oldest acquisition date you see for the stock in question could be considered as the date to use for tax filing purposes.
  • This phenomenon is related to a change made in the way our financial custodian, Apex Clearing, consolidates tax data for sell transactions of securities that were purchased at several different points in time.  Please see this link for our Apex Clearing's memo regarding this change.

Tax filing options

5.) Do you offer integration with TurboTax or H&R Block?

6.) Can I download my tax data in a spreadsheet or CSV file?

7.) Can you mail me my 1099 tax form?

  • By default, all Titan statements (including tax statements) are provided electronically.
  • If you wish to receive a physical copy of your tax statement by mail, please contact  Note that our financial custodian charges a $5.00 fee for each physical tax form that is mailed out.


8.) What kind of 1099 form can I expect to receive?

  • All Titan clients will receive a Consolidated 1099 form from our clearing partner (Apex Clearing).  It includes information found on the 1099-DIV and 1099-B.

9.) What about IRA-related tax forms?

  • All IRA providers (like Titan) report IRA contributions to the IRS on behalf of their clients, so don't need to file anything in your personal tax filing for your IRA accounts.
  • If you have an IRA account, in early June 2020 you will receive an IRA tax form (Form 5498) in your Titan account for personal record-keeping purposes.  

10.) Can you provide tax advice?

  • Titan does not provide tax advice. You should consult with a personal tax advisor for help with specific tax-related questions.
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