Important notice

All clients who joined Titan during or prior to August 2019 will likely receive two 1099 tax documents for the 2019 tax year.  This is the result of a broker-dealer migration that took place during that month.

Download instructions

Tax documents are available in the Titan app via Account tab >> Settings >> Documents >> Statements as well as on Titan's investor website (under "Documents").

Note: if you joined Titan prior to August 2019, you will likely have two 1099s for the 2019 tax year - one from Third Party Trade ("TPT") and one from Apex Clearing ("Apex").  

Alternate download instructions

If you wish, you may also access these forms via our financial custodian's website with these instructions:

  1. Create a user ID for Apex's website using your Titan account number (if you haven't previously done so).  On the first signup page, be sure to select "10-Apex Clearing Corporation" in the "Firm" dropdown menu.
  2. Once your login credentials are set up, you may login and access your tax document at
  3. If you joined Titan prior to or during August 2019, for the 2019 filing year you will also have tax documents from Titan's former broker-dealer (Third Party Trade, or "TPT").  To access this document, repeat steps 1 and 2 above but replace your Titan account number with your TPT account number.  Your TPT account number is the the same as your Titan account number, just with the 3-digit prefix (8GR) replaced with "5YA".

Tax notification email

Our financial custodian will also automatically send you an email (from when your tax documents are ready.  

This email will direct you to our financial custodian's website, not ours.  Your Titan login credentials will not work there.  In order to access your documents there, you will need to set up an account on their website (see Download instructions above).

No longer a Titan client?

If you are no longer a Titan client, you can still access your tax documents via our web portal (under "Documents").  If you joined Titan during or prior to August 2019 you will also have a separate tax document from TPT (see Download instructions above).

Don't see any tax documents?

If you don't see any tax documents in your account, it's possible your account was opened towards the end of or after the 2019 tax year, and as a result did not experience any liquidity events that would generate a tax filing for the current tax year.

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