Do I own individual stocks at Titan, or part of a fund?

You own fractional shares of the individual stocks in the Titan portfolio. Each quarter, the Titan portfolio is rebalanced such that the fractional shares you own in each stock represent equal dollar amounts (i.e. an equal-weighted portfolio).

For example, if Amazon (AMZN) is one of Titan's 20 portfolio holdings and you decide to invest $5000 in Titan, you would be invested in approximately $250 of Amazon stock ($5000 / 20 = $250) upon your initial investment. Your individual account would hold the fractional shares of AMZN stock.

Titan is not a fund; it is an SEC-registered investment advisor that purchases and manages investments on your behalf, in your own individual brokerage account. Your account is securely held at Apex Clearing, widely recognized as the gold standard asset custodian for the financial technology industry.

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