What is my "Withdrawable Balance"?

We have a minimum account size of $500 and a minimum withdrawal amount of $100. Your Withdrawable Balance is calculated as follows:

Withdrawable Balance = Maximum of (A, B)


A = [Current Portfolio Value] - [$500 Minimum Account Size] - [$100 Minimum Withdrawal] - [Any Pending/Processing Withdrawals]

B = $0

If your Withdrawable Balance is $0, you must close your account in order to withdraw funds. To do so, please email support@titanvest.com.

Why does my Withdrawable Balance say $0?

As explained above, if you have a portfolio value of less than $600 in your account (our $500 minimum, plus our $100 minimum withdrawal), you likely see a Withdrawable Balance of $0. In order to withdraw funds at this level, you must close your account. To do so, head to the Account tab > Settings > Admin > Close Account.

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