What is the cost to use Titan?

We charge a simple fee of 1.00% per year or about 0.083% per month. Example: For an account with an average daily balance of $2000, the monthly fee would be about $1.67 per month.

You’re welcome to view our full Fee Schedule here.

How are fees calculated?

Fees are calculated based on the average daily balance of the previous month, NOT the account balance on the first, last or any single day during the month.  The fee for the subject month will be assessed at or near the first business day of the following month. Your first monthly fee will be charged after your first full calendar month on Titan.

How will I be charged the fee?

We charge a monthly fee of 0.0833% of the average daily balance of the account over the previous calendar month. On an annual basis, this represents a 1.00% fee (0.0833% x 12). Fees will be calculated on the average daily balance of the previous calendar month (for example, 30 days in April, 31 days in August, etc.) and will be billed on or near the first business day of the subsequent month.

We will take the fee from your Titan account by executing a fractional sale of your assets in order to assess the fee.

What are the trading fees?

There are no add-on trading fees or electronic statement fees and making deposits and withdrawals are free. Instead, we do a simple 1% annual fee, charged monthly. We charge that fee from a weighted sale of your assets.

Are there early withdrawal fees?

No. Making deposits to and withdrawals from Titan accounts is completely free.

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