How does Titan manage its investors' portfolios?

At Titan, we use software to automate the investment process and remove many of the human biases that often plague average investors. Our software does this by analyzing the 13-F filings of leading, long-term focused hedge funds each quarter and constructing a "best ideas" portfolio for our investors. We then pair this portfolio with a customized "hedge" to protect each of our investors based on his/her personal risk tolerance.

What are 13-Fs, and how are they valuable?

Investment funds with over $100 million in assets under management are required by law to report their "long" equity holdings (i.e. the stocks they own) to the SEC each quarter. They report this data in what are called 13-F filings, and these filings are public. However, the data in these filings is extremely unstructured and difficult for most humans to synthesize into a sensible portfolio strategy. This is where Titan's software comes in.

How do 13-Fs translate into my Titan portfolio?

Our software scours the 13-F universe of ~3,500+ hedge funds and only selects the investors who are long-term oriented, rigorous in their research, and focused on identifying high-quality businesses.

From there, our software determines this group's top 20 stocks. As you would imagine, these hedge funds overlap significantly in their most favored stocks, which tend to be extremely high-quality businesses with durable competitive advantages. These are the stocks into which we invest you. Think of it as a "best ideas" portfolio.

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